Ruined Songs

car radioRecently a friend was in my car pushing the buttons on the radio.  After two complete cycles through the range of both AM and FM he leaned back with a look of surprise on his face.

“One — only one!”  That was all he said.

Now that he had my interest I asked, “Only one what!?”

His surprise was that out of over one dozen presets only one was for a Christian music station.  His assumption was that as a preacher all I would listen to were the latest Christian hits.

What followed was a discussion about how Christians can live in this world, enjoy this world, in fact find truth in this world — we don’t have to be completely isolated from it.

I pointed out to him that when Paul preached on Mars Hill in Athens he quoted the poets of the day and apparently was capable of conversing in the philosophy of the day for several days with the learned men of the city.

Being a disciple doesn’t mean you check out intellectually.  God reveals his truth all around us.  It is amazing how often snippets of truth appear in unexpected places.

Paul tells the Corinthians that evil has blinded the eyes of those in the world.  Two thousand years later in The Matrix — Morpheus tells Neo “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes”.   Truth — in unexpected places.

The preacher from a church in Austin, Texas tells of how a friend whom he plays soccer with commented that “You have ruined more songs for me…” referring to the habit this preacher has of using popular songs to illustrate the scriptural principle or the misconceptions of the world in light of scripture.

It is tempting for the disciple to seek isolation from the world and to avoid all the falsehood there.

I contend that true maturity comes when we can look at the world and help our fellow travelers see the truth that is all around them — using that truth to point them to the one who is the Way — The Truth — The Life.


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