Rough seas

rough seasDuring a recent board meeting one of our directors made the comment that “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor”.

How true.  While it is probably best to learn your basic sailing skills on the smooth and calm waters of peaceful seas — but the experience of sailing in a storm and surviving provides a set of skills that moves the sailor beyond just basic ability into the realm of expert.

When I learned to drive my skills were pretty basic and I was able to easily pass the test to get my license.  However, the night of my first “solo” flight it snowed.  It snowed hard.  There was a lot of snow!  The trip home after dropping off my then girl friend was not a pleasant one.  It was tough.  Yet after it was over I realized that I had actually acquired some new skills.  Not only the skill of driving in snow, but also the confidence to approach such situations with much more confidence.

Would I have chosen that weather for my first solo flight?  Probably not.  Was I glad that it happened?  Not immediately, but as I matured I realized that the experience was part of become a better driver.

In Romans chapter 8 we read that God works in all things for the good of those who believe and are called to his purposes.  When we allow God to work — even the “bad weather” in our lives can be beneficial in the long run.  Is it fun or pleasant at the time — probably not.  Is it part of growing and coming to maturity?  Definitely.

In Corinthians Paul notes that our suffering — and the comfort that God gives us in suffering — can become part of the ministry we offer to others in their times of need.

Rough seas — but growth in our skills as a sailor are the reward.

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