ReVision Kenmore

ReVision KenmoreIt is scary.

But yet exciting.

I know it can be successful.

But not through my own efforts.

For about 8 years I have been filling the pulpit at Kenmore Church of Christ in Akron, Ohio.  When we started together there were around 50 regular attenders.  Unfortunately many of them were older, senior citizens.  Programming was not for the young.  Programming was not for reaching the community.

The desire was there — but not the energy, skill sets, were not.  The past baggage made a refocus almost impossible.  The younger members moved on.   Several funerals also dwindled the numbers.

So just before Christmas we had that “hard talk” about the future.

In faith the men decided they didn’t want to simply fade away — they wanted to leave a legacy.

They recommended to the congregation that it was time to disband while they still could control how that happened.  They recommended that all assets be given to a church planting mission (   the site is under revision so be patient) to hold in trust as preparations were made for a new church plant in their old building that was geared to reach the immediate community.  They planted a seed with their assets.

Seeds die in order to sprout new life.  It was a hard decision.  It was one that required faith.

It was a decision confirmed by unanimous vote on January 11, 2015.

I have been given the honor of carrying their seed and hopes for lasting legacy forward as the Lead Planter / Minister of the new congregation.


More later — for now, I value your prayers and your help.  We need:

1.  Prayer

2.  People to help with building remodeling

3.  People to commit to working as a launch team and ministry partners

4.  People who will give $$ in significant amounts over the next 3-5 years.

If you are interesting in learning more — or helping in any way use the contact information elsewhere on this site or email me at:

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