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This week my brother and his family are in town from Texas and we are making the most of the time with Mom and other family members.

Because of that this week I am repeating several posts from the past that I liked — hope you do also.

New stuff coming Very Soon!


The Cleveland Indians baseball team has finally gotten hot.   6 wins in a row.  8 out the last 11 a win.

Listening to the analysis of the experts (real and imagined) gets you lots of opinions but one of the most common threads –  team play, pitchers feeding off each other,  everyone looking to help the other guy.

Cleveland Cavs are tearing up basketball playoffs.  Similar analysis.   Great team play. Even the superstar LeBron is being noted for team play and helping other teammates shine.

The Pew report.  American Christianity in decline and churches struggling.   But churches are known for community and team play….right?

Yeah – well …..not so much.  Is there a connection?  I would say yes.  Churches tend to be seen as closed groups who have their own rules and own standards.   Meet the standard and play by the rules — maybe you will be let in.   The new convert is watched with a clear feeling that he or she will soon “slip up” and show that they never really belonged.   Others are never given a chance to converted because “we don’t want those type of people in our church”.

A lot is being written and said about discipleship in the church today.  Most of it centers on the need for discipling to be done in community.

It is all about relationships.

It all originates with the relationship of the Godhead – Father, Son, & Holy Spirit. The relationship of the Father and his creation. The broken relationship of the Fall.

The renewed relationship of grace. All of the Judeao – Christian ethic is summed up in relationship. Love God. Love others.

Children grow and mature best in a healthy family relationship. And likewise spiritual children mature best in a healthy relationship within a church family.

It’s all about relationship….

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