Relational Discipleship requires effort

Too often people look for an easy fix –  they want results instantly.   Jon Acuff in his new book START notes that mastery of a skill comes in stages or “lands”.  It used to be that you became an apprentice first – then you eventually moved into mastery, for example a carpenter or electrician.  While that may still be the pattern in some cases it is a dying scenario.   Acuff also uses Michael Jordan’s attempt to play pro baseball as an example.   He tried to move into “master” status without the process of growth and development .


Growing as a disciple and moving to mastery or maturity requires time and effort.   Time spent in relationship with other disciples and learning from them as well as time spent practicing the spiritual disciplines.   Doing life together is how disciples grow.

In this “instant” society it is way to easy to assume that conversion equals maturity and true discipleship.   Bringing someone to belief and acceptance of Christ is only the beginning of the journey.  There is now a responsibility to help this new baby grow and develop into adulthood.

Who is mentoring you?

Who are you mentoring?

What disciplines are part of your daily routine ?

Does your church have a plan for moving converts into growing discipleship?

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