Real Men…

prayer circleThis is something you don’t see every day. We are having a couple of pine trees removed from our yard. When I looked out the window to see them get started, this was what I saw. Warms my heart to have witnessed this. I also noticed the name of their company on the truck. “Heaven Sent”. I love living in America. God Bless these men and their families.


The picture and post above were a re-post by a friend on his Facebook page.  I won’t include the name of the original posting or his because of privacy.

But I had to share the picture and the moment.

This is discipleship.  Not simply a Sunday morning thing.

Not just a belief that never shows itself and is kept private.

It is a lifestyle.

An unashamed commitment to certain beliefs and practices.

Beliefs lived out daily.

Practices that take priority even if not convenient or “cool”.

Real men know that Discipleship is walking as Jesus did.  Real Men recognize that every moment and every task is offered to God in worship.

Real Men….

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