Reaching Your Backyard — Revisited
Nancy Golden


Monday’s post on why many churches (individuals) are not reaching those living close by them received several interesting and complimentary comments.

One Facebook friend offered the following as an opportunity to learn more and to hopefully move from simply talking about Evangelism to actually making it happen.

She teaches a course :

Evangelism: How to Love Your Neighbors to Christ

This course is available at:

Not having taken the course personally I cannot vouch for the content — or for that matter the instructor!  (Sorry Nancy!!  — lol )

I do feel very comfortable recommending that you check it out.  Nancy and I connected through Dallas Christian College which I do recommend fully and without reservation.

Look the course information over.    It might be just the thing you need to take the next steps in becoming a disciple-making disciple.

Nancy Golden has a passion for sharing her faith and a heart for people of “every tribe and language and people and nation.” She graduated from Dallas Christian College and earned her master’s degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Nancy’s seminary work included theology and Bible with an intercultural studies focus. Her passion for evangelism led her to author a book, “The Second Greatest Commandment Meets the Great Commission: How to Love Your Neighbors to Christ” (HIS Publishing Group 2013). She is an adjunct faculty member at Dallas Christian College and has taught How to Study the Bible, New Testament Survey, and World Religions. In addition, she has developed a cross-cultural missions course for Dallas Christian College that incorporates both the theology and the history of missions.

Nancy and her husband Phil are certified lay servants and along with their son Josh are members of the First United Methodist Church in Carrollton, Texas. Phil and Nancy also serve as Sunday school teachers for the high school and young adult class at the Cambodian United Methodist Fellowship in Carrollton and Nancy serves on the evangelism and discipleship committees at FUMC Carrollton. When she is not busy with her family, students, and church activities, Nancy can be found riding her horse Pistol, who fortunately does not mind listening to her sing praise and worship songs!


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