Radical Concept of looking at Jesus in the Bible

David Platt recently interviewed Francis Chan. platt_chan_852451918  The article is titled as:     Taking Christianity to a Radical New Level

Platt asked:    “I’ve never seen disciple making in action?” What do you say to folks who say that?

Part of Chan’s response:    “I hate to say this, but in some ways, I think people are better off without maybe following some of the earthly models out there and going back to Scripture and seeing how Jesus lived and becoming more of a picture of that to someone else in the 21st century context.

Those who really study the Word are going to realize, at least here, there aren’t that many models of people to look at, to follow and to imitate.

It’s almost like a new generation is going to have to rise up and dig deeply in the Scriptures and be those models of 21st century Christians, followers of Christ, having that aroma of Christ.”

What fascinates me about this is

1.  Looking at — and imitating — Jesus is considered “Radical”

2.  Disciple-making can even be considered anything BUT an imitation of Christ in scripture.

I am part of what church history would call the Restoration Movement of churches.  The gist of our movement is that we strive to make scripture the “only rule of faith and practice”.  We don’t see ourselves as the “only Christians, but as Christians only”.  One of my favorite mottoes from the movement is “No Creed but Christ, no Book but the Bible”.

Throughout church history whenever the focus of the church has moved away from Christ and imitating Him and/or the church has taken on human creeds and rules the gospel has suffered and the message has become corrupted.

The independent Christian churches and Churches of Christ may not be perfect, but I still find myself excited by their history and the idea of being simply a Christian living according to the message of God as revealed in scripture.

In an American church where so much is focused on the building and the consumer / marketing mentality of church growth I guess maybe a simple church that wants nothing more to follow and imitate Jesus while making disciples daily is a bit radical……

I am glad to see some of the “heavy hitters” in modern Christianity beginning to look back and say that there is need to begin “going back to Scripture and seeing how Jesus live“.


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