Purpose over Cool

I thought about my readers when I read this quote from “How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training” by Michael Cheshire –

“if you’re just starting out as a youth pastor, there are some things you will need. First, you need a Bible that looks worn but cool, covered with duct tape, blue jean fabric, or metal. Then you need a tattoo and maybe an earring or two. If you are a girl, you need a nose or lip piercing.”

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It brings to mind how so often we substitute “the right look” for real substance.  There are circumstances that warrant attention to the presentation and atmosphere – but too often we forget to build into that presentation something worth experiencing or hearing. 

With the new church plant (Compass Christian) it is easy to spend $ $ on what will look cool and forget there is a central message that is more important than just cool.

That is why we have “Navigate people to Jesus” as the first Compass Point.

It reminds us of job number 1.

Be cool – but don’t forget the objective of being cool. 

Charles Hahlen. Matthew 4:19

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