Protesting with Love 

Last week the spotlight was on NE Ohio and specifically Cleveland.  With the RNC in town and protesters booking flight to come fill the streets  –  tensions were high and expectations for trouble rampant.   

A friend who lives in Cleveland called me to joke that his old army unit had invaded the lake front.  Apache helicopters in full assault mode were circling downtown. 

The week ended with about 2 dozen arrests and very little trouble.  

I was asked one day about the group who tried starting trouble who claimed to be Christians from a well known Baptist protest church.  Sad to say they give all of us disciples a bad name.  

That day our church in Akron Ohio feed a bunch of kids for free and offered an opportunity to beat the heat with a water balloon fight.   

Wonder what community service Westboro was doing that day in its neighborhood?   

I too actively protest sin and evil.  I try to do so with light driving out darkness.   You know,  kinda of a Jesus thing…

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