Prosperity is Yours for the Asking

money-pileThis special cloth has been anointed and prayed over — for a $25 dollar donation to my ministry we will ship it to you.  Kneeling in prayer over this cloth daily will bring a new prosperity and blessing to your life…..

For $19.95 you can buy a plastic statue of Saint Joseph which will help you sell your house if you bury it in your front yard and pray this special prayer….

Water from the Sea of Galilee……

Sand from the outskirts of Jerusalem….

Anointments and Miracle Crusades…..

“Believer’s Rights” taught in the Bible….

And so it goes.   All sorts of teaching that if you “do this” or send money to “this blessed ministry” God is guaranteed to fill your life with blessings (read $$$).100-Committed

That’s not faith.  It’s magic.  As Andy Stanley says — all magic works some of the time.  That’s where the power comes from.  It may not work every time — but the promoter can chalk that up to your lack of faith.  When it does by sheer coincidence “work” — well see….the message is true.

Where is your faith?

A preacher?   A symbol?  A ritual?

Jesus tells us that HE is way.

HE is the truth.

HE is the LIFE.   No one comes to the Father — unless they do it through faith in Him.

As disciples we need to be constantly asking — what stands between me and Jesus?

What things do you see hindering a complete and trusting walk with Him?

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