My grandson is home schooled.  The online school provides a tutor to work thrust some special problems he had learning.   This summit he is doing several summer sessions to try and jump start next years work. 

On a particularly warm day he decided to make an issue of doing his work. Avoidance. Hiding in a closet.   Stubborn staring at the floor.   Playing with dog.   

You get the picture. 

Finally the tutor and I were able to get through to him that the “prison” of these couple hours were less painful than the “prison” of no TV.  No WiFi.  No special lunches out.  No video games .

You get the picture. 

Spiritually we sometime put ourselves in a prison of guilt. Shame.  Broken relationships and the like.  


All because we refuse to submit.   To obey.  Freedom is what God wants for us.   Prison is what we often chose….

Charles Hahlen. Matthew 4:19

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