Pictures (fill in blank) wishes would go away…

A good title can  suck in even the best of us.

I recently noted one of those “sidebar links” that plaque the social media sites with the title

“Pictures Hillary Wishes Would Go Away”

Couldn’t resist.  Actually most weren’t that harmful and a few were actually funny.

go awayBut isn’t that how many of us are as we go through life?  There are pictures and moments that we really wish would simply go away.

But, unfortunately, like the internet — once it’s out there….

God’s forgiveness and grace doesn’t erase the picture.  It doesn’t make the event go away.  In some cases the consequences of the event (picture) will last a long time — perhaps a lifetime.

Grace does mean that the guilt is erased.  Grace means that while we may have to suffer some of the physical, social or emotional results of our actions — we can be assured that the spiritual consequences are nailed to the cross.

That’s huge. 

I recently revisited the movie Ragamuffin about the life of Rich Mullins.  During his struggle with the offer and glamour of Nashville and the simplicity of being part of a small band traveling around singing in local churches he came to a conclusion, depicted in the movie as a reaction to a very legalistic sermon, that regardless of which choice he made — one fact remained.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.

That’s huge. 

Even when I realize that I have just had a photo op that will haunt me for awhile — one thing remains true.

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know.

That’s huge. 

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