Personal touches

angry-phoneI called the phone company today…..

That was fun.

Automated recording after automated recording…..

Thought I had finally gotten to a live person to whom I could explain the unusual problem and I got a recording that stated, “We have an automated system for that..”.

So I got online and decided that I would be 21st Century about this and do the live chat option.

This actually went well.  Until I was told that a tech would have to come out to the house for the problem.  “Here is a link to schedule that”.

The link wants passwords, special codes found on my bill (which is at home, not in the car with me), and who knows what else.

Or……  I was given a phone number to call…..   Same number I started with over an hour ago.

Still have the problem.  No tech has been scheduled.

This made me wonder.  What happens when someone unfamiliar with church and Christian jargon enters our worship facilities as a guest?

Could they be just as lost?  Unfamiliar building with few signs pointing the way.   Unfamiliar classes with names that sound like secret codes.  Classes like:  Christian ambassadors, U & I, Happy Homemakers, Home builders class, Faithful Followers, and so on.

Where does a first time seeker go?

Christian Jargon throughout the program.  Tithe & offering, Invocation, Anthems, Invitations, all sound normal to us, but what about that first time — non-church person?

When do I stand?  Where do I sit?  What is this all about?

I am not one that advocates a complete trashing of all we say and do on a normal basis just to modernize and make the service seeker friendly.

But I do think there are some practical things like signs and brief explanations that can be helpful.

Most of all a personal touch is needed.   “Hey, I don’t think I know you.  Have you been here before?”

If they have been — no harm done.

If they are new — a chance to walk someone through the maze and make a new friend besides.

Hey, Justin at the phone company on the other end of the live chat — you were almost there.  It would have been so great if you had said — “Let me schedule that tech for you. What would be a good day?”

Instead I am really wondering how badly I need this land line anyway?……

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