Permanent Ink

For a moment I thought my grandson was channeling Michael Jackson.  He got off the school bus, ran into the house, quickly shed his coat – his shoes – his glove…. Yeah glove – singular.  Off he went to find snacks and the computer while still wearing one glove.

Knowing that seven year old boys are prone to strange and quirky behavior I didn’t think much of it.  After a few minutes I did say something.  He shrugged, tried to look calm and cool, then began to grin and giggle (yes, giggle).  This boy should NEVER play poker!

I stood there looking at him as sternly as I could while trying not to laugh at the giggling munchkin before me.  Finally, with a flourish worthy of a master magician, He removed the glove.

His hand was blue.  blue handBLUE.

I looked at it carefully to see if this was because of some strange disease or ailment.  Then I asked him how this happened.

More giggles.

“I did it!  With marker.” 

As I said — seven year old boys have some strange brainwaves.  (P.S.  Later it was discovered he also colored his belly-button blue – go figure!)

I have never quite gotten the whole tattoo thing.  I’m not opposed to it.  Nor am I necessarily repelled by it.  In fact — in some cases it is kind of cool.

But I always come back to the question — Will that still look good, or seem cool, when you are 75 or 80 years old?   Is this something that you really want as a PERMANENT part of you?

tattooHow will her legs look in another 40 years?

I don’t know — I think it may have been a poor choice.

So I personally have avoided such permanent markings.

There are some markings that we should take on permanently.   The marks of Christ and His death.   We should be eternally marked with the fruit of God’s Spirit living in us.

Men and women will endure pain and discomfort to be marked with ink — but shy away from the hard work of transforming their minds in the likeness of Christ.

The tattoo of youth may seem cool — but in 40 years will it still be so neat?

The character of Christ is stylish and acceptable at all ages in all settings.

Seek first His kingdom.  Get some Holy Ink.

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