Paying Attention in Class

As I mentioned in the previous posting I attended a college commencement this past weekend.  The commencement speaker was surprising in that his remarks were short and filled with humor.

He related the story of how he found himself at the Cleveland Clinic with a blood clot in his leg.  With little warning the clot moved to his heart and suddenly the hospital visit became a life and death battle.  MA in training

His heart stopped for several minutes.

At this point he noted that it is always good to pay attention in class.  You never know when you might learn something that will be important later.

A young MA (medical assistant) apparently had been listening in class and knew not only what was happening — but what to do.

As he related the story with quick efficiency she began CPR while also calling for a crash cart and team.

Obviously he survived.  He also noted that this MA is now an RN and is studying to be a doctor.  She also gets a very nice Christmas present from him every year.

Every day is “class time” for the disciple.  Everything we encounter is an opportunity to either learn something new, learn more about ourselves, or discover an how a lesson learned long ago can be applied.

Jesus saw the events of everyday life as opportunities for ministry and compassion.  He saw them as teaching moments for his followers.

What opportunities are there in your life?   Are you making the most of them?  Are you paying attention in class?

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