Pardon the Interruption


Schedule busters…..interruption




Whatever term you put to it — those things that enter uninvited into our schedules and lives can really put a kink into our plans and schemes.

But for the disciple they may be more important.   If we are following Jesus and seriously trying to live as he did we may have to be more sensitive to those things which inconvenience.

I remember hearing about a minister who services a very large church.  His mother was having some health problems and he and his brothers convinced her to come to his town and see a doctor there.  Long story short — she wound up having very major surgery in a local hospital.  She was in intensive care and the minister in question was in the hospital late at night.  Trying to find the cafeteria he had his hood up (trying to keep a low profile) as he walked the halls.

A lady recognized him and began to talk to him about the church.  She didn’t attend — just saw him on television once and awhile.  He could have blown her off and walked away.  He had his own problems and his mother to worry about.  But instead he stopped — talked to her kindly — asked if she had someone there in the hospital.  She did.  He asked if she wanted someone to pray with them.  She did.  And so he went…..

Interruption?  yes — but much more.  An opportunity to minister?  Most definitely.

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