Opportunity in Disguise

I may be a bit old fashioned, but I really think hard work is good for you.

When I first started working at Lowe’s my son who was college age also worked there.  I often was asked how I managed to raise a teenager who was so willing to work, and work hard!   He is almost 30 and his current boss has “thanked” me several times for raising a worker.

Both children were introduced to the concept of work equals earning equals getting the things you want to buy early on.   We also introduced them to volunteer work and satisfaction of doing for others and of a job done well.

In disciple making we try too often to take the easy road.

  • Only deal with people you like and are like you.
  • Only gather in the most comfortable surroundings
  • Use books that are popular and easy reads
  • Use DVDs — don’t even bother with a book.

I’m not saying books and DVDs are wrong methods — just sometimes they are too easy.

  • Sometimes we need to get into the Bible and just dig deep.
  • Sometimes we need to work together in ministry that is messy.
  • Sometimes we need to get beyond our comfort zone and into the scary part of town.

Discipleship can be hard work.  But it is that hard work that pays off in changed lives.

Don’t be afraid to roll up the sleeves and get right into it.  It may be messy.  It may even be dirty.   But the rewards are — literally — eternal… .facebook_-319385421

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