Old Dog – Same Tricks

Recently in one of the coaching sessions I suggested that a possible resource for the person being coached was right there in his “backyard” so to speak.  This suggestion was met with a a myriad of reasons why it simply would not work.  Soon afterwards I found out that a friend of mine had also counseled this same person with the same advice — and got basically the same reaction.

Not long afterward the young man in question actually moved beyond his objections and approached those involved and discovered that — yep — this resource was not only available, but was enthusiastically available!

The point is:  sometimes we tend to get out mind set on our own agenda and our own strategy and then proceed to ask God to bless what we have in mind.

How often have we as disciples totally missed some of the most exciting and wonderful blessing from God simply because we have put blinders upon our own eyes and have refused to see what God is doing.

Prayer is a process of admitting that God is Good (Our Father, hallowed be your name….they kingdom come and they will be done…).  After recognizing God’s position and power we then admit that we need help (give us this day our daily bread…lead us not into temptation…forgive us).  We also then pray for others because they need help (as we forgive those who have wronged us).   Something to think about….. by the way I owe this basic thought to Max Lucado. He notes that the prayers of the Bible can be summarized as “God is Good, I need help, so do they, Thank You”.

One of the key parts of the Lord’s model prayer is “thy kingdom come”.  That’s loaded if we really take it seriously.   When we really pray this and mean it we are saying “I am not the king, you are.  I am not in charge, you are.  I will accept your will, even if I don’t like it or understand it”.

This was the lesson my young friend learned.

The two old dogs knew more than he wanted to admit.  It really isn’t a new trick.  Let go, let God.  Trust Him and not our own understanding.

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  1. Good points and reminders. It is definatley a daily choice to remember it is God’s will to be done and not our own. I have often times battled with God’s will and my own and now I try to seek His will first, before I screw up. But I am a work in progress. Thank for the reminder. ♥

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