Oh, For (Fill in your name)’s Sake!

It is fairly easy to arrive a wrong conclusion about the rules and regulations of religion.  Most people see the rules, the 10 Commandments for example, as the grid through which we must pass in order to be loved by God.  After all — God doesn’t like bad people, so it stands to reason that we must be good people for God to love us — Right?!

PeopleNot so much.  First of all we tend to forget just how much God loves BAD people.  And GOOD people.  He also loves MEDIOCRE people.  As well as UGLY, PRETTY, NICE, NASTY, FAT, THIN, SMELLY….well you get the idea, PEOPLE!  He loves them all.  So then why the rules?

If He loves all people there really is not reason to worry about all these rules, for God’s sake!  Ha Ha!  Another false assumption.  We don’t have the rules for “God’s Sake”.  They are there for OUR sake.

The people of Israel stood at the base of the mountain having been chosen by God for no apparent reason other than He loved them.  He is about to give them 10 commands (upon which all the other laws are based) in order that they can become a people that remain free.  God wanted what was best for them.  God has always wanted — God WANTS — what is best for people.

We put rules in place for our children because we love them and want what is best.  Don’t cross the road before looking — it is better that way.   Go to bed by 9 pm — it is better that way.   Eat your peas — trust me, it is better that way.  And so on ……

Oh, For (Fill in your name)’s Sake!  Just obey — it’s better that way……


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