No easy answer….

Let me note right up front — I will raise an issue below that I don’t have all the answers to or for.  Others will feel they know the answers, God bless them.  I just don’t see it quite so clearly.  The reason it is mentioned is to look at the broader picture of how we react to those we don’t understand or agree with.  Grace and Truth.  That’s how Jesus came.  That’s what he expects from us.  Sometimes combining them in one place is messy.  It is hard.  Don’t feel the need to bombard me with easy answers or dismiss my doubts out hand.  Just seek to treat all you meet with Grace and Truth.  Love and Mercy.


Shocked, speechless, Wow!, What do I do with this?, How do I react?, Should I react?

A man I always had on a bit of pedestal proved to be human.  Intellectually I knew he was — I knew he was a sinner like me.  An imperfect man like me.  I respected his witness.  I read his writings with interest.  Recommended his writing.  Respected the way he treated my family when he encountered its members.

transgender-newsIn the past few days I learned that he has publicly proclaimed that he suffers from the psychological condition know as Gender Dysphoria.  According to his own testimony he has:

  • Suffered for years
  • Not had homosexual tendencies or desires
  • Does not cross dress

His wife and therapist have known for years.  But recently living with the “lie” has become too much.  He felt that the truth had to be brought forth.

  • He has lost his job
  • Feels rejected by the faith tradition that has been a multi-generational experience for him
  • Has felt rejected by friends and colleagues.

It is easy to quickly point to several texts in the OT that seem to make it clear this disorder is sin.  Yet at the same time — gender ambiguous disorders (both physical and psychological) — are not directly addressed.

A preliminary search of the question of transgenderism being a sin yields varying responses.  I still am undecided.

While I struggle with this specific issue — what troubles me even more in some sense is the small and easily overlooked comment my friend puts at the end of his third blog post in which he attempts to answer continuing questions about his future.

He notes that he had to block comments due the massive number of “hateful” comments.

It should never be so for disciples of Christ.  Support and prayers.  Losing job and public positions of leadership I get — there has to be a point at which we refuse to put a stumbling block before non-believers.

But on a personal level — all the fruits of having the spirit in our lives would indicate a much more loving and caring response.

I don’t have any answers save for this.  We all fall short.  We all miss the mark.  Grace and Truth — in equal measure.  If you are without sin — be the first to pick up a stone.  As for me:  I laid my rocks down long ago…..

Prayers for you my friend.  Whatever the answers may you find hope in God and comfort in His mercy….

I don’t know if I agree with all found below — but they warrant a read….

The Transgender Moment



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