Never bet on a horse named Tripod

A radio ad in our area starts off with this somewhat curious piece of advice.  Upon reflection there is some definite validity to the advice – since a three legged horse would most likely be at a disadvantage in just about any race. three legged horse

The life of the disciple cannot stand unless each of the key elements is part of fabric of each day in the disciple’s life.

1.  Piety:  The state or quality of being pious, especially:a. Religious devotion and reverence to God.  Piety is a recognition that God is over all.  In the words of Christ — Love the Lord your God with all your heart…this is the greatest commandment.  The disciple must learn that devotion to God means the answer will be “yes” — no matter what the command.  Seek first the kingdom of God.  Thy kingdom come, they will be done.  Piety – loving devotion the Our Father in heaven whose name is Hallowed.

But piety — a loving devotion to God is not enough.   If we are to obey we must know what God desires

2.  Study:  Delving into the word of God to discover what principles are found within its covers.  Committing to our hearts and minds the law of God and the stories of God’s promise and faithfulness.  It is vital that the teachings of Christ become so central to the disciple’s life that they are second nature.  When Jesus called the disciples and said “follow me” it is a call to not merely wander about the hills of Galilee will Jesus,  but to duplicate the very character of Christ in the disciple’s own life.  This occurs as the Holy Spirit works through God’s Word in the life of the disciple.

But one who has all knowledge without any outlet is destined to frustration.  Inspiration without Expression leads to Depression.

3.  Action:  Sometimes labeled as service  — this where the disciple’s love for God and the willingness to obey the truths found in scripture finds an outlet.  Jesus told us that the greatest command was to love the Lord — but He also linked with it the command to love your neighbor.  This requires action on the part of the disciple.   Piously sitting in church and reciting the words of the Holy text are still all but useless without the act of being the hands, feet, arms, and love of Christ in a tangible way.

Maybe betting of a horse named tripod isn’t such a bad bet — if the horse is the balanced life of a disciple who loves God, loves God’s Word, and loves the world they live in.    It’s a good bet.


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