Need to Come Here More Often

It wasn’t quite 2 days.

The trip down was rushed — filled with phone calls and loose ends.

The second day was barely underway before the phone and events back home started coming in loud and clear.

Yet — the few hours spent quietly watching the fire, making pie iron sandwiches, teaching a grandson to make a fire from barely warm coals — it was so worth the effort.   pie iron

We need Sabbath rest.  Especially those of us in ministry.  Sunday is often hectic.

Monday can become a crazy day of “catch-up”.  And before we know it we are standing in the office Saturday night thinking that a few more hours would be a great help.

And the ever present “on call” 24/7.    In the old days before cell phones it was a bit easier to hide.

It doesn’t matter if you are in ministry or not.  All of us are prone to let all the “stuff” of life overwhelm and drown us.  The phone is too easy.  The computer too close.   Facebook, Twitter, and so on…..

The body — the mind — yes, the soul — all need time to relax and regroup.

My brief trip into the wilderness was just enough to remind me that I need to work the schedule more completely.   Days off need to be put in place.   Technology free days are a must.

For me the quiet of sitting in the woods as night falls is the prime relaxation.

It may be something else for you.

rest1But we need more of this.   We need to plan for it.  Make it happen.

God’s plan is still best — “the Sabbath rest”.

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