My church is INSANE…

insanity crazy trainSo — as you prepare for your worship time this weekend let me as you a question:

What “insane” things is your congregation doing?

Wait — don’t answer just yet.  We need to define our terms a bit.  Some read that question and they immediately think of some unorthodox, crazy event that is outside the norm and pushes the boundaries.  Others may have begun to list things that are just dumb.  No reason for them — just repeated because…

But I was thinking more of things in the realm of the old cliche:

“Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.”

I ran into an old friend at the bank the other day.  We both had been leaders in a smaller congregation several years ago.  In spite of many efforts to move the church forward, they just kept going back to the same old programs — they just “tried harder”.  Eventually the congregation merged (was taken over) by a larger multi-campus congregation that was coming to area.  My friend was telling me about the congregation where he and his family currently worship.  He enthusiastically noted that it is “just like what we used to have at……” 1-insanity-by-einstein

And that is just the problem.  As he told me about the new minister and the great plans it all sounded so similar…..


Nothing this congregation is doing could be classified as wrong — just ineffective.  Proven as ineffective.  Hasn’t been effective in years.   But this time…..


In my ministry over the past 15 years I have worked almost exclusively with struggling or under achieving congregations.  More and more I am convinced that what is needed are a fundamental re-think, Discipleshift, Paradigm revision, revisioning:  You pick the term.  The focus and vision has to change from how does this church fit me to how can I introduce my friends and neighbors to Jesus.

Matthew 4:19 — Come (Jesus calls us), I will Make You (Jesus changes us), Fishers of Men (Jesus expects commitment to his mission).

That simple.  That unadorned.  As Randy Frazee notes we need to Think like, Act like, and Be like Jesus.

So what insane things are you all doing in your congregation?   Maybe it is time for some therapy and counseling to get ourselves mentally healthy.

Sanity — Called, Changed and Committed…….

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