Mowing Grass in the Snow

Mowing in snowIt must have looked pretty strange even though my neighbors are all from NE Ohio and understand these things — yet it was a picture that smacked of inconsistency.  There I was wearing a winter coat and gloves, riding my lawn tractor through the snow flurries, mowing the grass.  It is just part of what we live with in this part of Ohio.

Inconsistency strikes us.  It draws attention.  That in itself may not be bad, but in some cases inconsistency can be detrimental.  For example:

  • What about man who claims to be a Christian but in his work as sales manager encourages his employees to tell the customer “whatever you have to” in order to get sale?  How does that affect his ability to teach his children to be truthful and honest?
  • Or the father who tries to teach his son to treat women with respect and dignity while he frequents porn sites and questionable movies?
  • Mom is abusing pharmaceuticals while telling her daughter she should not be drinking.

While writing this the news is full of the Boston Marathon bombing and the death / capture of the suspected bombers.  Almost every new analysis is questioning the inconsistency between the lives these boys lived and their actions.

As Christians, as disciples, we must strive for as much consistency between our proclaimed beliefs and our actions as possible.  What parts of your life might be causing your neighbors to stop and question your sanity?  In what areas of life are you mowing the grass in the snow?

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