Mission Difficult

Recently an infection attacked my body in such a way as to put me down for the count a few days.  As the antibiotics and rest began to bring me back around I was able to sit in a recliner to read and watch TV.  Well actually I slept with some moments of reading and watching mixed in. Mission Impossible

During one of my short periods of wakefulness I discovered that one of the Tom Cruise blockbuster movies had come on TV.  I think it may have been Mission Impossible 2, but I can’t be definitive about it.

What struck me was a line that managed to creep past the fog of sleep and prescription drugs:

Tom Cruise’s character notes that an assigned task is going to be difficult.  The response…..

This is not Mission Difficult, Mr. Hunt.  It’s Mission Impossible.  Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.

How often as disciples do we complain that path we are called to walk is difficult.  Being in the Word daily is hard.   Spending time focused on prayer is hard to do in such a busy world.  Loving that guy across the street whose dog is always in our garbage can is difficult.  Have you met my boss?  Talk about mission difficult!

It costs too much….  I don’t like change….. That’s outside my comfort zone…… I might be embarassed or ridiculed…..

The angel reminded Mary that with God — All things are possible.  There is no such thing as Mission Impossible.   Jesus told his disciples during his final instructions that He would be with them always — even to the end of the time as they knew it.  In another context Jesus promised that the Gates of Hell would not be a barrier for the church.

God specialized in the impossible, the difficult, the hard to accomplish.  We just need to move away from leaning on our own understanding and abilities and tune into the power available from the Divine.

Will it be hard?  Difficult?  Yeah, Probably…..  but not impossible.   For God the difficult is a walk in the park.

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