Missing a Spiritual Experience

Holy Week.

In the tradition in which I minister we don’t often refer to it that way.  In fact we don’t really get too excited until Good Friday and Easter Sunday.holy week

Some of the more conservative of my brothers even shy away from Good Friday celebration seeing it as something added to the Christian calendar in later centuries and not part of the early church tradition.

When I ministered in Pennsylvania I came to appreciate the whole Lenten season and Holy Week.  I worked closely with a minister’s association of several denominations and learned a great deal about some of the traditions of “high church” that are rich in theology and spirituality.

Not being in a full-time ministry at this time I miss the Holy Week flow from those days.  While definitely not a vacation — it was a relaxed (somewhat) week.   The kids had spring break.  We spent much of Monday and Tuesday together.  We would go to the last of the “Lenten Lunches” on Wednesday.  Maundy Thursday services at an area church.  Good Friday services at an area church and sometimes at our building as well.   Egg hunts and other festivities Saturday, and Sunday special services and a big dinner afterwards.

Now the week becomes almost like Christmas week with the time being geared around my retail career and the needs of getting “spring sales” off the ground and ready to go.

Holy Week can be a great time to reflect and renew our relationship with the one who died and rose on our behalf.

It is not about the bunny — but about the lamb.

Take some time to make this week holy.   Not in a legalistic or weird way — just simply recognize the power of what happened and why Jesus allowed events to move the way they did.

Renew your commitment to the one who committed his life to saving yours.

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