missedI missed.  Totally let it get passed.  Never even made an effort.



Should have. Didn’t.

Lots of excuses why.  Some actually fairly good.

We post — Mondays / Wednesdays/ Fridays.

Missed Monday.   The funny thing is — for the most part it is probably something no one other than myself noticed.  I am probably the only one it bothered.

It may sound strange for a preacher to say this, but we too often beat ourselves up way too much if we miss our morning devotions, or a prayer appointment, or even a Sunday service.

They are important.  But reality is — not the most vital.  If we know Jesus loves us and fully accept that then rules and rituals are less vital.   Important, but not vital.   A few misses won’t send us to hell.


Connie and I have been married for 40+ years.  If we don’t get each other a gift exactly on a birthday — or if an anniversary is celebrated late it isn’t earth shattering.

We know the love and commitment is there so the “rituals” are less vital.   Important, but less vital.

Being free in Christ means that a morning devotional or a prayer time that is missed due to various “life happens” situations are missed but not condemning.

That isn’t to say you can use that as an excuse to ignore these things.  it is far different to be a day or too late with a birthday gift due to life happens than to just blow off the birthday as unimportant.

Just deciding that worship, devotions or prayer are unimportant is far more condemning than just missing in the shuffle.

Monday is gone.  I cannot go back and post in that place.  But I do have an obligation to look ahead and plan for how I will keep from “missing” Mondays in the future.




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