May not be your fault….but…

I heard an interesting sermon the other day.  Its-not-my-fault

It was about freedom.  Spiritual freedom.  Freedom from the guilt and pressure of trying to live up to an impossible standard.

A couple of ideas from the sermon that really his home:

1.  It may not be your fault, but it may still be your responsibility

Life happens to us all.  We all have things that enter our lives and they are unfair, and often un-asked-for.  But there they are….right there.

Not much we can do but simply own up to the fact that they exist and they are part of our lives.  How we react and how we move forward is our responsibility.

For example.  It wasn’t my wife’s fault she had cancer.  But the attitude and cheerfulness with which she approached her year of treatment and sickness were totally her responsibility.  It was a choice she had to make.

2.  You cannot blame your way to freedom

Pointing the finger as someone or something else is our natural reaction to unpleasant situations, but that is not really helpful in terms of gaining spiritual freedom.

Freedom comes from owning the situation and choosing to let God work through it.

For example.  One who is an addict may point to their parents and their addictions and say, “See — I didn’t stand a chance!”   Or they can admit that they are trapped in a cycle that needs to be broken and ask God for help in getting through to sobriety.

Adam and Eve pointed the finger….. Adam at Eve, Eve at the Snake.  God simply said, “No, you need to own this and deal with it.”

But also notice God made clothes for them and promised a way to ultimately defeat the serpent and the sin that entered the world.

fault_problemNot my fault — maybe.   Your responsibility?  Probably…..

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