Man, are you Weird!

Seth Godin has once again made me think.

He has written a book:  we are all weirdWe Are All Weird

Seth argues in this book that the choice to push all of us toward a universal form of normal or plain vanilla is inefficient and wrong. The opportunity is for us to embrace our uniqueness and passions, and become weird.

Interesting.  As disciples (and as churches) we tend to look at whatever person or entity that we feel is a “success” and pattern ourselves after them.

Sometimes preachers get so enthralled with the style of a certain preacher that you can begin to see them imitating (consciously or not) that preacher’s style of speaking and/or word choice.

Church leaders go to conferences and see all these great ideas — and try to exactly replicate them in their own setting.

To some extent there is nothing wrong with this.  Unless we go so far that we miss our own unique calling and gifting.  There are several church planters I greatly admire — but I know I am not gifted to be a lead planter.

There are some church leaders who lead multi-staff churches that I admire a great deal — but that is not my calling.

I am weird.   I clean toilets for a living while studying leadership and management in education at a doctoral level and preach weekly at a small congregation of less than 50.  That’s weird.

But it works.  I have contact with young people who need life guidance.  I sit on a mission board that impacts church planting and church health on a global scale.  I have opportunities to travel around the globe on short term missions — but have a voice in the spirituality of my community.

Embrace your weirdness.  Instead of playing what if this week — ask why not?  Ask God to show you the special mission that your weird situation has given you.

We are all weird — so why not make the best of it!

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