Make the Leap

For several days I felt I should say something.

For several days I had planned to make the approach.

For several days I had planned out the conversation in my head.  In my head it didn’t go well — so I kept putting off the conversation.

Today was the day.  No more putting it off.  How bad could it really be?

So I finally walked up and asked if she had a few minutes.  I then asked if she was aware of the work I was doing to plant a new church?

She was.  Then I bit the bullet and asked if she and her husband would be willing to consider being a part of our launch team.

Part of what made this scary was the fact that I knew very little about her religious background and/or beliefs.  For all I knew she might be adamantly anti-faith or religion.  But her family was exactly the demographic of our target community.   She seemed to have a desire to make the world a better place.

So I started the conversation.  She asked some good questions.  We talked for several minutes about what the church was going to be like.   We talked about her religious background and the fact that she and her family weren’t church-goers right now.

As we talked it became very apparent that there was some interest there.  She wanted to talk to her husband and check it out more.  I gave her the web site information and thanked her for the talk.

Will she ever come to the church?  Will this contact bear fruit?

Hard to say.

The point is – seed was planted.   That’s all Jesus asks of us.

Be a witness — bear testimony to what we have seen and heard.

He’ll do the rest.   Be a friend.  Be open.  Be willing to accept that not everyone shares your beliefs.  Be willing to understand that many would be interested in hearing more if someone they care about is willing to start the conversation.

Now I have a list.  Some on the list I am sure will be interested.   Others will be a crap shoot.  Either way we continue to share that Jesus cares.

Continue to carry on the conversation.

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