Love Thy Neighbor

It is hard to believe sometimes that some who call themselves “Christians”, “Christi-followers”, “Disciples”, and the like really have looked at the teachings of Jesus.

Jesus did have those moments when he called out his enemies.  To my knowledge only when they failed to show a loving spirit themselves, or when their actions were keeping God’s people from approaching God.

Jesus made no value judgements simply based on race, gender, and the like.  He treated even the untouchable and unloveable with a great level of respect.

There is a place for calling out sin.  At the same time calling out sin does not have to be done in a hateful or condescending manner.

Some Jesus followers should get over themselves.  Offer a prayer, a hug, some time, a listening ear, maybe even some tears.

Love your neighbor.   Even the ones who don’t deserve it.   love thy neighbor

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