Love for Granted

rosesThis past weekend was Valentine’s Day.  A time for romance.  I time to give special recognition to the special relationships in our lives.

I work with a lot of young people.  Single or dating.  Maybe newlywed or in fairly “young” relationships.  They get very excited about the holiday.  Very creative about the ways in which they are going to express their love.

  • Flowers
  • Special Dates
  • Fancy meals
  • Candy
  • Get away weekends

Then there are the couples like my wife and I.  Married for almost 40 years.  Our relationship still fine, but special days like February 14 don’t have the same impact.  We still do special things.  But the excitement level isn’t the same.  We don’t focus on just the day – but rather on special events surrounding the time.

It sounds cold — but Valentine’s Day just isn’t the big deal it used to be.

But maybe it should be.

Maybe we take our relationship way to much for granted.  Maybe.  I really don’t think so.

But — as the same time it makes me wonder if we too often take our Grace Relationship for granted?  Do we get comfortable with church membership, with our saved relationship, with our Christian walk?

As one preacher put it, “We sit around with our arms folded as if we are used to be saved.”

Maybe we need to do something special once in awhile to remind us of how special this relationship really is!?

I ran out at the last minute and got the Chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling grape juice.  I made sure her favorite Hershey’s was ready for her.  I reminded her that I don’t take her for granted.

What can you do this week to remember how special being in grace really is?

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