Life worth dying for

Dave Ramsey asks a question in his tweet today – the day following Easter Sunday.   Did you live a life today worth dying for?

I must confess that today I didn’t.   Most who were with me today probably didn’t notice, but as a disciple the heart is really the issue isn’t it?   But that question is indeed a good one.  How do we live after the celebration of the resurrection?   What did the disciples do?   Apparently they continued on as normal.  Yet as the reality and import of what happened began to sink in and their encounters with the risen Lord increased they could not go on with “normal”.

As disciples we can no longer be normal.  Our encounters with the reality of Easter Sunday should pull us continually toward the abnormal – the peculiar.   We become a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, those who live as a people who have been chosen.

Live the life you are called to.  A life worth dying for.

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