Life is like – TP

Life may very well be like a “box of chocolates” as the famous movie once told us.  Yet as most word pictures it may not encompass the full story.  It only speaks to the uncertainty we face that we “never know what we are going to get”.

A friend recently spoke about the rapid pace of life with word picture that struck me as quite accurate.  “Life is like a roll of toilet paper”.  101_Week2_Image_LifeIsLikeTPWe start off full of potential and as we roll along the first few layers it still seems like all of life is still ahead of us.  When we are young life moves slowly and it seems the end is so far off we don’t even consider it.

As we progress along we reach a point where the passing of layers seems to diminish the roll quite quickly and the end begins to be part of the consideration.  At first it may be just a passing, “oh, this will need replaced soon” and progresses onward to a point where each unraveling of the layers puts the final end in prominent focus.  So for us who are much older each passing layer seems to go faster and faster and the end looms ever nearer.

As a disciple following Jesus we need to be aware of and think about such things.  As the roll gets smaller and smaller we begin to think — “I don’t have time for that”!  God may put various opportunities in front of us and the older we are the easier it is to say things like: “I’m too old”, or “My life is too busy”.  The older we are the more full are lives tend to be with all sorts of things and we can easily fall into the temptation of allowing “God things” to get crowded out.

So fellow disciples:

1.  Jump in do all you can for the Lord while you are young!  The sooner you make a commitment to Him the sooner He can lead you into some great adventures.  No matter what stage in life you find yourself — take the risk!  Go on the that short term mission project or enter into that challenging mission.

2.  As the end nears prioritize your service.  Since we cannot stop the rapid movement of the oncoming cardboard tube — we need to make sure we are making the most of every moment as a disciple.  Don’t miss a great opportunity to serve because you have crowded out the time with trivial matters.


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