Lessons about Faith 

Above is the medical boat used by Central Brazil Mission in their efforts to reach Amazon villages for Christ.  I have made two trips on this boat and one on her predecessor. 

I grew up in a western, modern, small town church.   My learning about church and church life was strictly first world twentieth century.  

As we approached the twenty-first century and the “second half” of my adult life God led me into some third world churches that forever changed my thinking.  

While I still see the modern American church needs some attractional features to reach a consumer -driven society, time spent in Mexico, Africa, & Brazil has brought into sharp focus the fact that relationships are central to faith.   

In third world settings without a worship team, projector, videos, & the like it suddenly becomes all about showing Jesus in terms of love and relationship.   There isn’t much else.   

We just spent over $3,000 on AC repair.   As I think about that I have to wonder if we are investing as much value in building a relationship where discipleship can prosper? 

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