Legos / revisited

Last Wednesday’s post was about the metaphor of the Lego piece and how it applies to the disciple.  Let’s explore it in a bit more detail here.

A pile of Legos, regardless of their color, age or what box they came from is pull of potential.  They can be crafted into almost anything because of the way they are designed.

They attach at the top — and at the bottom.

Lego principleJoey Bonifacio has written a book that explores this principle and metaphor in relation to life as disciples of Christ.

We attach at the top — connection to God and heaven.  But we are also designed for relationship.  To connect to each other from below.

Two great commands — Love the Lord your God, and your neighbor as yourself.

When we get that right the church can become whatever God needs it to be in any given context.

As one reviewer of the book notes:

The clear message of The Lego Principle is ‘Discipleship is Relationship’. Reminding us that we should first and foremost be disciples of Jesus. We are to not only follow and obey Jesus, but love Him and allow Him to love us.

Secondly, we are called to Love others. God has created us for relationships. Down in the very core of all of humanity is a deep desire to be in relationship with God and with each other.


My grandson David has a huge pile of Legos.  He amazes me with the creations and creativity this pile brings out.

Can you imagine what God could do if we were truly like the Lego piece.  Willing to submit completely to our design — allowing ourselves to be connected upward and to each other at the whim of the designer?

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