Lego Mania 2014

LegosMy oldest grandson loves Legos.  He is crazy about them.  We have worked along with his parents to get him some of the special sets that he wanted.  He loves to build the model that the kit is designed for.

But then he tears it apart and begins to create.  He like to use his imagination and launch from the pre-designed model into a creative frenzy that can occupy him for hours.  This reminded me of an article by Geoff Surratt.  geoff surrattHere is part of what he says:

I’m concerned that church planting, and church leadership in general, is going down the trail of Legos.

Rather than an individual vision of what God has called us to do in a particular place at a particular time using the gifts and leaders he has given us, we find the church kit that we like the best.

There’s the Elevation Kit, the NewSpring Kit and the Mars Hill Kit, as well as the Saddleback and Willow Creek kits. Some leaders see the New Testament Church as the ultimate church building kit. If we can follow the instructions precisely, then we can build an exact replica of the church Paul built to reach Greeks in the first century.

Learning from other churches and other leaders is important, but replicating models is boring in Lego world and ineffective in church world.

I think we can also expand his thoughts out to how we become disciples.  I have seen too many who are willing to limit their discipleship growth to only one author or one source of curriculum.

While it is true that we must be cautious about where we seek truth — and that we can only truly know the truth of what God desires based on scripture and power of the Bible working with the Holy Spirit to change our lives — we also must not narrow the vision so much that we miss important sources of truth.

I like Andy Stanley — but I cannot limit my reading and listening to just him.  Kyle Idleman is challenging — but there is a lot that can be learned from Jon Weece.

My point is simply this — don’t fall into a rut.  Read different authors.  Listen to some new podcasts.  Be sure to weigh the content on the scales of the scriptures, but explore some new voices in this coming year.

What can you build with your Legos that is new and exciting?


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