Last One Standing

Recently I got addicted to Tim Allen’s show — Last Man Standing.  There are so many things about this show that are interesting.  The main character is a man with three teen – early 20 daughters and a wife with a great job that demands lots of time.  Because of this Mike Baxter is at home with the girls a great deal. Last Man Standing

Another element of the show is the comedic discussion of various issues from a conservative and “manly” perspective.

As I thought about the Lasting Man Standing marathon I thought of some lessons:

1.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Mike often loses arguments.  Mike often is outnumbered.  Mike takes it on the chin a lot.  But He keeps trying.  He laughs at himself.  He jokes and smiles in the face of odds that against him.

2.  Love in the face of adversity.

Since he is often at odds with the others in his household he is also in the minority.  No matter how often he is opposed — he loves them all unconditionally.   The episode centered on the election found him totally outnumbered.  His middle daughter was voting in her first election and it became apparent she was leaning away from Dad’s political views.  In the end — Mike drives her to the polls despite her plans to vote for _____________.  The episode ends with Mike bragging about his three strong, mature daughters who were growing up.

3.  Stand for your beliefs — keep the doors open.

Mike never changes his basic beliefs.  He proclaims them long and vehemently.  But he keeps the door open.  When he is outnumbered and defeated he supports his family anyway.  He keeps the communication lines open with those who oppose him — even the ultra liberal father of his grandson.

Maybe there are some lessons here for disciples.

We often take ourselves way to seriously — We need to pray for those who oppose us — and we must keep the communication lines open even with those who disagree with us.



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