Lack of Motivation?

inspire the motivatedRecently on Linkedin I found several of my connections were posting this picture / quote.  I also posted it — thought it was pretty good.

As I began working on some various items for the new church plant I will be leading this quoted kept nagging at the back of my thoughts.

I may be off base — but here is where my mind rambles…..

New converts are seriously motivated.   They love Jesus and are fresh off the grace train — ready to rock and roll.

In too many instances our churches have nothing more to inspire them with.

No sense of mission or purpose.  No plan for developing deeper discipleship.  Nothing to inspire.

Motivated and ready to move.  Ready to accomplish something.  Ready to learn and grow…..

What do we offer?


I think it is a good question.   So many of our churches have become so complacent that we simply don’t have a plan for the new baby.

What is your church’s plan for developing new converts?   Are new converts so rare that a baptism would throw your Sunday routine into a panic?

Something to think about.

Quite a few churches are left with “stuck with” whoever is left…… the unmotivated.

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