Krispy Kreme or a Salad?

Krispy KremeNot all that many years ago it was not at all unusual for my friends and I who shared ministry interests to get together and talk over a cup of coffee and a doughnut, or two, or …. well let’s not go there.

The years have come and gone and now the same friends and I still have many of the same or similar conversations but the menu has changed.  More likely than not our age and various ailments (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems) have moved us more toward bagels, whole wheat bread, and — yes — salads.

I recently heard another minister about our age make a comment (a bit tongue in cheek, but still serious) that it is better a Krispy Kreme with friends than a salad alone.   He is right.  Especially in the context of the church.   The whole context of Christian  faith is the Koinonia (community) or fellowship.   When Jesus said “upon this rock I will be build my church” he actually said something more like “I will build my ‘gathering'”.

The NT is full of “one another” passages.   Jesus said we Love God and others as ourselves — all other rules and regulations hang on those two things.

If the only way to enjoy the fellowship and challenge of being with my friends was to do so over Krispy Kreme doughnuts — then so be it. salad Better that than the healthy salad alone.

I would give my life for these guys.  I HAVE given up portions of my life for them already — they have done the same for me.

Who in your life would you being willing to eat “risky” food with?   Has your faith and fellowship brought you to the point of sacrifice?

If not — maybe the time is now?

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