Know, Grow, Show, Go

KGSG_graphicI’m not sure where this formula originated.  I know that I have viewed various versions in various places.

One of the key things about becoming a disciple of Jesus is that it isn’t a one and done event.  There is a process.  There is growth.

What I like about this graphic is that it implies the continual movement in a disciple’s life.

The new believer comes to “KNOW” and moves onward toward “GROWING” and “SHOWING” that growth in their lifestyle.  As maturity comes there is a movement into “GOING”.

Intentional outreach through missions and community involvement.  Intentional sharing of your faith.

There is an interesting thing that happens at this GO stage that the graphic illustrates.  When you GO — you discover a need to KNOW more.  My first short-term mission trip in 1991 pointed out clearly that I had some “rethinking” to do about how to apply biblical principles cross-culturally.   Translating leadership lessons I had taught for years into an African language involved more than just words.  Images and illustrations had to be rethought and put into a Southern African context.

On our last mission trip our group was lead by a young preacher from the area.  He led devotions each morning for the group and the boat crew.  About a dozen middle-class Americans, and about a dozen native Brazilians.  I could tell that as he worked through the material he was discovering the same application problem.  That’s growth — a need to “KNOW” more.

And so the cycle continues.

Are you feeling a bit stagnated in your discipleship?  Is your Christian life at a standstill?  Maybe you need to study the graphic and pick an “ON RAMP” to get back into the flow.

Are you serving?   Are you intentionally sharing your witness?  How about a short term mission trip?