Kids say the Darndest Things!

Linkletter_kids saySome of you may be old enough to remember the TV show — Kid’s Say the Darndest Things, hosted by Art Linkletter and starring some really fun kids.  The main appeal of the show was the anticipation that some child would say something totally unexpected and possibly a bit inappropriate.

For example:

Any brothers or sisters?      A 2-month-old brother.     How does he behave?             He cries all night.    Why is that, do you think?  He probably thinks he’s missing something on television.

or perhaps something like this gem:

Did you see Santa this year?    See him? I fixed him a bourbon and water.

This past weekend I was at a meeting in which we were planning a women’s retreat.  As part of the meeting we listened to the “talks” being given by some of the women — a chance to tweak the talks and give some guidance to novice public speakers.  One young lady who had previously been a co-founder of a day care talked about the joy found in working with young children.  Part of the joy stemmed from their willingness to talk openly and honestly of concerning almost any topic — from what color their poop was to the topic of mom and dad’s fight last night.

Her point was that just as children soon learn to be guarded concerning the things they will talk about.  As adults we are VERY guarded in what we say.  Unfortunately that guardedness extends to our conversations with God.

How honest are you with God?  Are you open and honest enough to bring up ANY topic with Him?  The guard needs to come down.  The conversations need to open.  He already knows — but He needs us to recognize the nature of our problem, worry, pain, and joy. He needs us to recognize our need for Him.

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