Keeping Afloat

Anyone who is familiar with Sunday School, church or christian faith is probably familiar with the event recorded in the gospels of Peter walking on the water — and also becoming focused on the wind and waves, causing him to sink and falter.

This past week was classic sink and falter.  So many things came together, but not in the Romans 8 “all things work together for good” way.  More in the “let’s just drive till we run out of gas and forget about everything way”.

  • Car repairs
  • Health issues with parents
  • Person health issues
  • Family issues
  • Work issues
  • Church plant setback
  • Generally stupid people issues (I know — preachers aren’t supposed to think like that)
  • Guilt trips (externally imposed and internally imposed)
  • People looking to you for strength
  • No strength to offer (but you fake it anyway)

So the waves become the focus.  The storm is overwhelming.  I began to sink.  I began to realize I couldn’t walk on water.  I actually forgot that I knew how to swim.

In a few quiet moments when despair was screaming at the door I began to understand why God designed church to be lived out in relational small groups.  For disciples to be linked with other disciples who share the struggle(s).

In the Peter story we often make the application of “keep your eyes on Jesus” to stay afloat.   In the church as it was designed we see Christ in the disciples around us.

When we try to look down on others in their struggle we harm the body and fail to be Christ as God called us to be.

Love one another.  Bear one another’s burdens.  One another……

Keep one another’s heads above water!stay afloat


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