Just to Make it Fair…

We have heard a lot about fairness lately.  The political world has been at each other with a passion over budget and spending — and there is a great deal said about “fairness”.

But when men try to make things fair it almost always means those higher on the ladder have to be brought down.  Even with our kids when the arguments about fairness arise our default setting is to take TV away from them all.   Put all the balls away.  No one gets ice cream.

fairness cartoonBecause I am the parent and I say so.

But what if we all — everyone — got back to where the nation of Israel was founded?  (Not the 1940’s, the REAL founding in Exodus).  What if we got back to this idea the founding fathers of the nation understood that all men do share an equality.  There is ultimate fairness only when God is the Almighty and ultimate authority.  No king, no one of privilege.

Everyone under the law — no exceptions.

No God but Me.  Don’t try to make an image – that limits your concept.  Don’t use my name to back up your idea.  Rest and remember I have provided, and will provide.  Honor the traditions and culture of your parents (as they hopefully are following the above).  Don’t Steal, Steal a spouse, Don’t Lie, Don’t Murder, Be Content with What God Provides.

When we all live that way — everyone is elevated.   Everyone has value.  “All men are created equal and endowed with divine rights”.  Since we all are under the same God and same Law — treat each other right.

That’s fair.

When men get idea they are the final and ultimate authority — they feel they can make and break laws as they wish.   Fairness goes out the window.

I don’t care which side of budget argument you fall on politically.  All I ask is that you recognize the Almighty for who He is — and treat me accordingly.  I’ll try to do the same.

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