Just the two of us

rough-tumble13This past week Connie and I had a rare experience.  Well, at least for us it has been rare lately.

We took off for a road trip and a day away — together — just us — to do what we wanted — no real time frame — no definitive commitments.

The whole thing started when we discovered our friend Mallory was going to be in the Cleveland area performing in her folk group The Rough and Tumble.

This is in no way a complaint — but lately it seems that with two aging mothers needing attention and care — three grandsons who need to have our input — adult children and their spouses to be enjoyed — church — mission work — school …….  Time to ourselves has been very scarce.

So it was that we found ourselves in the car headed for a small venue concert and some fun.  Mallory and Scott did a great set.  We renewed our friendship with her and got to know him.  After the event we walked down the street to a small coffee house and enjoyed coffee — laughter — sharing pictures and stories — and some relaxed fun.

The day came to an end with a leisurely trip home with no time frame or set route.  We talked — laughed — sat quietly — enjoyed being together.

All relationships need that from time to time.  We discovered that we need to plan for and schedule some days like that.   It needs to happen more often.

The disciple’s relationship with Jesus needs some times like that also.  Times when it is just “Jesus and Me”.  Times during which you can pray — read — meditate — nap — sing…..

Times when you aren’t tied to an agenda or time frame.

During Lent and Holy Week we traditionally fast.  Typically it involves giving up meat or some other food.

What about a day in which we fast from TV and other media?  Maybe a fast from friends and family?   A technology fast (after you read this blog of course!) is also an interesting idea.

Maybe you need to take a vacation day and just leave work behind and go to a park.  Take a Bible, lawn chair, and an iPod of Christian music.

I was asked how would describe The Rough and Tumble’s performance.  What I came up with was “Fresh and Fun”.   rough and tumble 2

Can you describe your walk as a disciple that way?   Maybe a road trip with Jesus is order.

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