Just some food for thought

Just a thought today.   What was it about the prayers of Jesus that caused 12 Jewish boys who had prayed all their lives to say, basically, we aren’t doing this right – teach us to pray?

I think they saw that Jesus didn’t try to impress or persuade God, but rather, Jesus praised God for His character and presence as He prayed to align His will
with God’s will.  

How much of your prayer time is focused on begging God to adopt your agenda?   

Just something to consider……

2 thoughts on “Just some food for thought”

  1. Used to be alot, but only when I didn’t get my way. That was when I had hope there was a God listening but then I came to believe. I think one we accept Jesus into our hearts and lives and learn who God is and who we are, only then can we fully accept God’s will for our lives and end the “tug-of war of self will” and begine to pull WITH HIM, on His end of the rope. ♥

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