Joy of kids learning

As the school year comes to an end many of the elementary classes in our school district have events which allow parents (and grandparents) to come in and enjoy a party as they they see an overview of the school year.   I was given the opportunity to attend such an event for my grandson as he finishes the third grade. 

One of the most interesting sections of the event was a slide show that showed the kids during various activities throughout the school year.  What struck me during the presentation was the joy of learning and discovery that was evident.   Children have a great inquisitive nature that only needs to be directed and stimulated.  

Young disciples also have a great desire to learn and inquisitiveness.   Too often we in the church fail to give them opportunity to learn or any stimulus to grow in faith.   We instead bore them with  Bible facts and doctrine without any connection to real life.   We fill their life with church politics when we should be working to stimulate their faith and growth through service.   Their desire to learn should be filled with biblical study that makes practical application of the principles in the text.   

Many church members are stuck.   They have been given little to stimulate their growth and they simply assume that membership is it.   I am a member so that’s that.   The natural curiosity they had about Jesus and life as a disciple dies from lack of stimulus in the routine humdrum of most churches who are inwardly focused with no real plan or desire for ministry.   Disciples need an outlet.   Disciples need to do the work they are designed for.   Fishers of men need to fish or else they grow frustrated and bored. 

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