John 1959 – 2015

A hero. 
One who in spite of the circumstances or adversity carries on and tackles the challenge before them.

A friend.
One who answers the call of another even when it puts him at risk.  Even when it is costly and inconvenient.  A friend goes anywhere at anytime to be of help.

A disciple.
A learner.  One who recognizes that they don’t know it all.  Who sees their imperfections and is taking steps to overcome.  In the Christian context one who is a follower of Jesus. One who allowing Jesus to change their life for the better.

A witness.
One who has experienced an event and is willing to talk about the changes that event has brought.  One who bears witness to what has happened.  In the Christian context, one who bears witness to the spiritual rebirth and ongoing life of grace.

John better timesJohn Keen was all the above and much more.  Now he enjoys the eternal rest and joy of being with Jesus his Lord.

An everyday man who was definitely extraordinary….

Goodbye in terms of this life…..

Save me a seat in terms of the life in heaven.


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