Jesus and the Gay Community

At the risk of having some fallout from some readers I want to talk briefly about how Jesus might address or interact with the Gay Community in 21 st Century America.

I am not going to debate the sinfulness or non-sinfulness of being Gay — that is another topic for another time.  However, I do thing sometimes we of the more conservative and fundamental wing in Christianity are not representing Jesus well in how we react.

Some thoughts:

1.  Jesus would say — I love you:

Even if you personally hate Him, Jesus very personally loves you and wants what is best for you.   He gave His life so your spiritual life can be one lived in hope.

Love is at the core of everything Jesus taught.  His message of love is not often communicated well or has been conveniently left out by many who are making a point rather than really making a difference.

2.  Jesus would say — I understand rejection:

Jesus knows what being a social outcast feels like.

Rejection hurts.    Jesus’ own family thought He was not in His right mind.   They thought He wasn’t right in the head — needed to be fixed.   In Jesus’ greatest moment of greatest need, His closest friends deserted Him.

3.  Jesus would say — I will be there for you:

You may disagree with Jesus’ teachings not just on sex and marriage, but in other areas of life as well.  He still will not turn away from you.

You may enjoy the life you live right now, even if it disagrees with the guidelines found in scripture.   Jesus understands your hesitation to make changes. He does not give up on us.

Jesus is not concerned with winning an argument with you.   Nor is He about forcing you to do something you don’t want to do.

Jesus wants you to have a relationship with Him.  That relationship is better than anything else out there.

Until you reach the point where you are willing to follow Him and say yes to His leading —  He will be here patiently drawing you to Himself.

Let me be clear.   There is a side of Jesus that kicks over tables and screams at sin.  When we see that side of Him in scripture is directed at those who make it difficult or impossible for others to see God or reach Him.

We in the church need to openly and loving reach out to anyone who is living in a way outside God’s will and show them the loving father and let his grace change them.

Too often we want to force the change — then allow the person to come to God.



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